Defenders of Christ (D.O.C.).

D.O.C. meets every Sunday immediately following the 4:30 pm Mass at St. Joseph’s Imperial. We start by eating dinner together each week. Besides having dinner, D.O.C. is a place for teens to make new friends who are going through the same struggles. They play games together, compete in challenges, learn how to live their faith in today’s society, and learn how to share their beliefs with friends who may not believe the same things. Many of the Teens have shared that D.O.C. has come to feel like a second family because they know it is a safe place the can be themselves and have people who care about them. D.O.C. meetings go from 5:30-8:00 p.m. every Sunday.

D.O.C. also offers hang out, service opportunities, ways to get involved in the pro- life movement and nights that go deeper in your faith. Please contact Beth Throm for more Information on dates and times of these events.

Contacts for this Ministry:

Beth Throm


636-464-1013 ext. 108


We, the parish family of St. David Catholic Church in Arnold, Missouri, by our Sacramental worship and celebration of hearing and proclaiming God's word, in dialogue with one another as evangelizers who serve others, practice charity to build up a community of love, to enable us to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, for the salvation of our souls.

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