Respect Life Apostolate

The St. David Respect Life Apostolate is a group of your fellow parishioners passionate about promoting the Christian principle that all are made in the image and likeness of God and therefore valuable in his sight and possessing the right to life. Our mission is compassion, love and mercy.


The Respect Life Apostolate provides information to the parish regarding Archdiocesan Pro Life activities, legislation and events. We provide compassionate help and resources for women who find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy as well as providing resources for counseling and spiritual support for women and men who are suffering the effects of a past abortion. The Church welcomes anyone suffering from abortion with open arms and a path to healing and wholeness. We encourage and welcome new members wishing to participate in our events and opportunities through the St David Respect Life Apostolate. Contact any member of the St. David RLA to find out more about us.

Contacts for this Ministry:

Mary McMahan




We, the parish family of St. David Catholic Church in Arnold, Missouri, by our Sacramental worship and celebration of hearing and proclaiming God's word, in dialogue with one another as evangelizers who serve others, practice charity to build up a community of love, to enable us to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, for the salvation of our souls.

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